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Discover Anne Robinson's Love Of Books

Explore Nature and History On Annie's Bookshelf

Anne Robinson loved books. "I never saw her without a book," remembers Annie's friend and Robinson Trustee, Eileen Shields. Her bookshelves were packed to overflowing with novels, nonfiction, National Geographic, and reference books on antiques. Sharing her reading pleasure with others was a joy in Annie's life, says Shields. She clipped newspaper articles and loaned books to friends and fellow volunteers. Continuing that tradition, the Robinson Foundation in Columbia, Maryland, seeks to spread the word about outstanding nature writing and local history books through our programs and initiatives.


In 2011, the Foundation sponsored publication of Lee Preston, Jr.'s important new book about his many discoveries about local history, Archaeology in Howard County and Beyond: What I've Learned in 40 Years About Its People and Sites. Other examples of the Foundation's support for nature literature include co-sponsoring Richard Louv's appearance in Howard County to talk about his path-breaking book, Last Child in the Woods, and awarding high school student leaders with Ned Tillman's inspiring The Chesapeake Watershed. Support has also been extended to other groups with this shared goal, notably HoCoPoLitSo for nature poetry talks and walks.

Please let us know your favorite titles and your ideas for events and projects that promote nature writing and literacy. After all, there's always room on the shelf for one more book.